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It's a funny thing.

I was googling the word "fanny" and it brought me to this bewildering blog. though i was looking for something else entirely, the discovery of this angelic face (oh that face!) has changed my life in ways i am only beginning to comprehend...and fear. and the hat makes her look like some sort of sexy chimneysweep.

ah "fanny", if that is your real name, from whence did you come...and why must you torment me in my dreams?

last night i dreamt i was on a boat with you, dear fanny. it moved slowly, almost not at all, enshrouded in a thick cloud of smoke. a kindly black man served us cocktails with a wink and a smile. i think he was autistic, or just very fucked up. captain dubing confidently at the helm, our voyage took us riding on the freeway of dub...in a boat powered entirely by marijuana.

and so i ask, you mysterious, ethereal beauty...get out of my dreams and into my dub boat.

as for the blog, i haven't a clue what it is about.